Some people have said some nice things about me............................


  • "Soame Chopra brings a smile to your face even before he starts his set" - Michelle Kot at Lizottes 2013


  • "Loved your comedy last night at King Bill IV - you are one funny dude!" - Tracey McDonald, 6th June 2014


  • "We are writing to say a big thanks for your brilliant performance at Comedy@ThePlayHouse last night.

    Your performance ripped up the crowd like a 5 year olds knee on a cricket pitch in winter after he tripped on it, running away from a rabid dog. In other words – epic!" - Gareth Wasik, Ruffhouse Comedy, 27th June 2014


  • "Massive thank you to Soame Chopra for performing at the CanTeen Program in July 2015. Your show was awesome, and everyone left with a massive smile on their faces!!! CanTeen provides support to young people living with cancer and Soame Chopra kindly performed free of charge. We truly appreciate Soame’s support and would highly recommend his performance.” CanTeen Hunter & Northern Division, July 2015


  • “Soame thank you for such a brilliant night of entertainment – I’m pretty sure I was deep belly laughing plus wet-eyed for your entire performance. I loved your keen wit, puns and intelligent observation turned to use/abuse of Aussie lingo, colloquialism and slang. Brilliant Soame.” - Bronwyn Agnew 28th August 2015



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